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Where To Buy Plutonium Paint

Where To Buy Plutonium Paint -

Where To Buy Plutonium Paint

One of the best aspects of Plutonium Paint is how quickly it dries. Unlike other aerosol paints, plutonium can dry in as little as three minutes. This means you can apply a second coat in a much faster time, and get the look you want way quicker than if you used traditional aerosol paints. So if your project requires a lot of layers of paint, consider Plutonium Paint for better and faster results. But a word to the wise: this paint is so quick to dry, you need to hold it closer to the surface that you are painting. Try to keep it as close as three inches away, or else the paint may dry mid-air and become useless.

Finally, Plutonium Paint is easy to use. The can can spray at nearly any angle, including completely upside down, so you can get at all those hard-to-reach places easily and effectively. The dense colouring also eliminates the need for a primer coat, so you can start painting with the colour and product you want right away.

With this spray paint you can switch out the caps so it sprays from really wide to thin detailed lines. Also it dries in 3 to 5 minutes so you can flip your project over and not spend half of the day literally watching paint dry.

I was not sure if I would need to double coat the fence since the wood was so worn. In this picture you can see that one coat of Plutonium Polar made a huge difference in the appearance of the fence. I ended up painting one coat over the whole fence, and then touching up any areas that needed a bit more coverage.

Because Plutonium sprays from any angle, I was able to paint the whole fence from a standing position. No squatting, crawling, or twisting to reach all the curves and edges. I would, however, have to take breaks every now and then to keep my forearm from cramping up!

Please note that if your material is not new then the paint may not work for touch up as your material has aged and is likely different than it was when new. Learn more about our color matching accuracy. If you need a touch up application, send us a part and we can create a touch up solution precisely matching the current color and sheen of your specific materials.

MyPerfectColor offers custom spray paint matched to Nickelodeon NK216 Plutonium Purple which enables you to conveniently achieve a professional spray-smooth finish. It is difficult to gauge spray paint coverage because it depends on how you apply it and the amount of overspray, but generally the 11oz spray will cover about 20 square feet per coat.

MyPerfectColor uses an acrylic enamel which is a fast-drying durable coating suitable for interior or exterior use. This paint sticks well to most surfaces including metal, plastics, powder-coatings, cabinets and primed or previously painted wood.

While MyPerfectColor can provide paint matched to the Nickelodeon NK216 Plutonium Purple, we don't provide any crossover information because this is a subjective determination. Every paint company offers its own unique selection of colors and rarely does a color have an exact equivalent in another company's color collection, so determining which color is the best approximation is a judgement call.

MyPerfectColor is able match all of the Nickelodeon paint colors so you can find and enjoy the colors you love. MyPerfectColor uses its expert capabilities to recreate the original Nickelodeon color by matching the original Nickelodeon color books and swatches.

The colors shown on this website are computer video simulations of the Nickelodeon Color and may not match Nickelodeon Color standards. Refer to Nickelodeon Publications to obtain the accurate color. Please know that MyPerfectColor is matching the original Nickelodeon color. If you intend to touch up paint that has been on your walls for years, know that your color has undoubtedly changed from the original due to exposure to light and age and the new paint may not match. You will achieve best results by re-coating the entire surface.

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