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Where To Buy A Good Flask


Where To Buy A Good Flask

Conventional flasks for alcohol have been used by people who want to discreetly bring their booze on the go since the 18th century (via Slightly Alabama). Whether tucked into your waistline or beneath a bootstrap, a flask makes it easy to keep your favorite spirit at the ready for whenever you need to wet your whistle. In the decades since its inception, the humble hip flask has undergone many transformations. These days, it's even easy to find flasks that look like unassuming household objects. And if you're feeling extra fancy, there are a few upscale versions of the humble original to really impress onlookers.

A simple glance at all of the drinking vessels available for purchase makes it clear that no two flasks are created equal. Some are ideal for people who like to drink alcohol straight, or perhaps want to pair their beverage of choice with a cigar. Other flasks are better for rugged campers who need a container to transport liquor that's as tough as they are. Regardless of your lifestyle, there is likely a flask that will fit it.

With so many flasks on the market, it's tough to narrow it down from the crowd available for purchase. Thankfully, we have the internet to help in this mighty task. We took into consideration plenty of reviews from customers, as well as social media chatter when it came to picking the best flasks money can buy. Those user reviews tend to live on a brand's website or a massive online retailer like Amazon, making it easy to see which purchases met and exceeded expectations.

We also narrowed our selected flasks down to specific categories based on a variety of factors, with a special eye on a diversity of materials and a range of prices for all budgets. With the wide range of flasks that we selected, there's bound to be one that is perfect for everyone regardless of a particular environment or someone's liquor of choice.

When selecting the best flask overall, we wanted to pick a product that was averagely priced while also exceeding its value. That was the Vargo Titanium Funnel flask. It's an 8-ounce flask with a silicone funnel on top to make it easy to fill, while the funnel also folds down to make it easier to sip. The funnel even makes it easier to empty your flask back into the original booze bottle if you don't finish it all while drinking on the go. Most flasks tend to include a funnel separately that is often easy to lose, but not Vargo Outdoor's titanium model.

Vargo's flask is clean, classic, and holds just the right amount of alcohol. it's also easy to use, unlike some other, more complicated flasks. "I cannot imagine a more well thought out flask design," one Amazon review reads. "The air-light titanium will not taint, the form factor is just eye-pleasing, the craftsmanship exceptional, and the built-in funnel has addressed the centuries-old major flask defect of filling the things."

If you intend to take your liquor to tailgate parties and hikes in the great outdoors, you may not really want to spend a hundred dollars on your flask. Luckily, there are affordable options that don't suffer in quality, like the Savage stainless steel flask. Though this six-ounce container is a slightly smaller model compared to other flasks, it's worth your attention. It boasts a simple yet sleek design thanks to the stainless steel material that's gleaming with a mirror finish.

Savage's stainless steel flask is also the perfect size for a back pocket, unlike larger flasks. "This is a very well made, and very pretty stainless steel flask. It comes in a simple but nice box which makes it a great gift. It's perfect for light travel, hiking, and walks," one Amazon customer wrote in a review of the flask.

Some people with more expansive budgets might be in the market for the best-of-the-best flasks to transport their top-shelf liquor to whatever soiree awaits them. Those people should check out the entire line of Jacob Bromwell flasks, especially the Colonial pewter entry. The nine-ounce flask is made from 22 gauge solid pewter, making it heavy-duty and long-lasting while still looking great. The pewter is a mix of tin, copper, and silver that is hand-hammered into a sleek, eye-catching flask with a polished finish.

Jacob Bromwell's Colonial flask also has a lifetime guarantee, making it a collector's item worth passing down. "My American flask is a prized possession. A go-to gift whenever I need something for a well-hewn man," one customer wrote on the brand's Facebook page.

You're not going to want to bring a heavy metal flask with you on a ski trip or to an outdoor music festival. For those occasions where you want a leakproof container to transport liquor through the elements, you want a BruMate Liquor Canteen on your hip. The eight-ounce flask is made out of titanium but has a non-slip silicone cover that comes in a few eye-catching colors and patterns.

BruMate's Liquor Canteen is the ideal companion to your most daring adventures, and it will ensure that your liquid reward makes it to your final destination safely. "I love how sturdy this flask is, and I can just tell it is going to last for years to come," one BruMate customer wrote on the brand's website. " I got this as a gift for my sister and now I want one for myself."

Serious campers might want a flask that is the most multi-purpose option available, making the VSSL Wilderness Navigation flask perhaps the ultimate camping companion. Not only does this durable flask hold eight ounces of your preferred spirit, but it also contains a four-mode LED flashlight, a compass, and two collapsible shot glasses. With just this flask and some bug spray, you can take on the wilderness with ease.

The flask is made from military-grade aluminum and stainless steel with a shatterproof glass interior so that the flavor of the booze isn't affected. "I chose this flask because it's super heavy duty and glass infused. So I don't worry about breakage nor corrosion," one Amazon review reads. "It's lived up to my expectations. I expect to keep it for the rest of my life."

Most hip flasks are ideal for one person, but not the best or most hygienic when you want to share a swig of your spirit with a friend or two. A cleanlier way to share the contents of your haul is to use the Gennissy 304 stainless steel flask, which comes with three cups and a funnel in one easy-to-pack container. Now, no one has to drink out of the same container.

The eight-ounce flask has a stainless steel body and a synthetic leather non-stick cover to make it as sleek as it is functional. "This flask is a perfect take-along to any function where you might share a 'toast' with friends and not have to worry about trading germs," one Amazon reviewer said. "Perfect for the golf course. I highly recommend."

Most flasks have small openings that make it difficult to pour liquid in, let alone try to get chunks of ice through. That's why we have to shout out the High Camp Torch Flask. The six-ounce flask has many perks, one being a removable bottom to make filling and cleaning easier. That large opening also allows you to add ice cubes to the flask, meaning you can take an entire cocktail on the go and it will stay cold for a good, long time.

The High Camp Torch Flask is double-wall insulated and made out of stainless steel, meaning it can also keep hot drinks warm, unlike most other flasks. As if that weren't enough, it comes with a magnetic shot glass on top. "If you're into class in style, but still have a rugged edge to you, you should not get caught without one of these flasks," one user wrote.

Sometimes you want a flask that's all about style, especially when you're trying to come up with a thoughtful gift for an aesthetically inclined loved one. The best flask that fits this particular bill is Well Told Design's Topography Maps flask. It's a six-ounce flask made out of stainless steel, but while the flask is plenty functional, it truly stands out for its design. Well Told allows you to customize a location and they will illustrate the map of your choice on the face.

Well Told's flask also comes with a utility funnel to make it functional, but its thoughtful design is a standout trait. "I love the personalized touch of a map of a favorite place! These flasks are beautiful and small enough to carry in your pocket on adventures," one Well Told Design customer wrote.

If you're looking for a simple yet functional hip flask, then you'll be happy to learn that the YWQ hip flask is the best value for a low price. It's fairly straightforward, as a simple eight-ounce flask made from stainless steel with an attached screw top. It also comes with a small funnel that simplifies the filling process. What's more, all of the components are perfectly sized to fit most back pockets for effortless use.

You would be hard-pressed to find another flask that is so well-regarded for its simplicity, especially given that it comes in at under $10 without compromising too much on material quality. "It's not cheap easily bendable metal, I love how the cap is connected to the flask itself, the funnel is a big help too, its not overpriced either, simple as that not much to say," one Amazon review reads.

This Viski gunmetal cigar holder and flask is a two-in-one flask for cigar aficionados who prefer to smoke with a nip of whiskey at the ready to enhance the experience. But while this novelty flask is fun, it also happens to be pretty functional, given that it can hold a small two-ounce shot of liquor and a thin cigar measuring 54-gauge or less. The gunmetal finish is polished to make it all look pretty sharp, while it's the perfect size for your pocket or wallet. "I ordered this as a gift for my father in law, who is so hard to shop for," one Wayfair customer wrote. "I would highly recommend this for any man in your life especially if he likes a cigar and a little drink on the go."

Jacob Bromwell flasks are so nice that we just had to shout them out twice. Seriously, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better copper flask than the brand's eye-catching Executive flask. The heavy-duty seven-ounce flask comes with the brand's lifetime guarantee to back up that reputation, too. It's made out of 22 gauge solid copper with a reflective finish marked by hand-soldered craftsmanship. 59ce067264


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