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Engineering Materials And Metallurgy By Srinivasan Fix Freeware Enveloppe S

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We believe that sustainability is of core value when it comes to the development of a facility. The Centre of Excellence considers the need of the hour as well as focuses on the futuristic developments in the field of Laser Applications and Nano-manufacturing, both research and industrial aspects will be ensured. This Centre of Excellence proposes equipment and expertise which are novel and have a vast potential for exploration, hence will make an impact on the working community. The scope of CoE covers a wide area of applications in the field of manufacturing, measurement in the applications of physics, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, metallurgy, electrical engineering, environmental engineering and biomedical engineering, thus ensures sustainability in its vision. The vast scope of this proposed CoE envisages the inflow of funds for maintenance and operation of the equipment. The principal collaborators in the inception of this CoE are from varied fields and have expertise in their fields. Their experience and vast knowledge in the area will also ensure further collaborations with academicians and industries, resulting in a community with state of the art facility and competence. Thus, the industrial and academic partnerships are observed to be the mechanism for advancing the research envelope and are the critical resources for attracting the funds.

3.3. Application 2: Functionally Graded Implant. Unlike materialswith uniform composition, structural composites, in particular functionallygraded materials (FGM), exhibit progressive change in composition, structure,and properties as a function of position within the material. Severalprocesses have been reported to allow fabrication of such compositesincluding plasma spraying, powder metallurgy, and physical vapor deposition[46-48]. A number of studies have demonstrated the suitability of thesematerials for use in various prostheses including hip, knee, and dentalimplants [49-52]. 1e1e36bf2d


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