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Aqw Dark Crystal Shard Bot 61 PORTABLE

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Aqw Dark Crystal Shard Bot 61 PORTABLE

With your first use of a hardware transient is guaranteed, your new workflow will take off. Like De-Verb, De-Verb Plus works on just about every hardware synth, plugin, or engine. So whether you’re using a hardware synth like the modern-day Transient Designer, a digital synth and a software synth, a sound processor, or simply a sampler with delay – you’ll be right at home.

De-Verb Plus is available now to try for free from the Brainworx website and it’s even been approved by “the Apple Store.” Watch out for our upcoming podcast interview with the wonderful Deva Engineering and see them in action talking about their workflow in the studio.

No one has anything to fear from Dekverb.Pages Wednesday, February 27, 2007 Rose's Birthday Last Saturday I celebrated my very last birthday with my dear friend Rose. After attending my own birthday party with all my own family members the other day, I meant it when I said it was kinda "controversial", and avoiding making some sort of sentimental post with photos or quotes and fluff, I do not want to overdo it now that I have a few days of much deserved rest. I just felt like I needed to come back with something like a recipe for a simple, quick galette, and this pretty pears-pearls-raspberry compote. Sounds pretty delicious! And one of the great benefits of this dessert is that it only takes about 10 minutes of the total preparation time, and you can put the final creation on the table at any time! I know some people get a little too excited or over-the-top, making up the table with presents, a cake, and all that, but a simple leek tart is just not enough. And after all, my birthday was all about "32". Preheat oven to 180°C for 10 minutes.

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