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I really don’t like this version because it is much harder for beginners and not as easy to retool as others… But if you want to make something professional you should have a professional grade oven to make it easy!

My version of the oven is a rental oven (basically $80 for a full day of use). I keep it in my garage but you can rent it with your friends if you want to make something professional. (Is there any good restaurants or places around you that rent ovens?)

I can’t tell you an easy or popular way to make a PCB oven… this is what I’ve come up with and it doesn’t seem too hard. Just make sure that you have good soldering supplies as some parts might melt and require rework.

I bought a 24V transformer (20A current capability) at a hardware store that was fairly cheap… I also connected it to my battery (18V) and that was enough to heat the whole oven. I don’t think this is my fault as it is the oven’s fault for not getting power. (does this work?)

I used a soldering iron that had a tip from a 100% duty rating (so it could work in the oven). I’ve haven’t had any problems and it has worked many times, but it might be hard to find these. You might want to consider it’s size because I think the smallest one available at Home Depot was about $80. d2c66b5586


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