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[S7E4] The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside


She is also fully conspiratorial, fully self-serving and absolutely unconcerned with anything but her own immediate needs. Yet, she is not childish. These are all completely adult decisions, made with fully informed intent. Corruption pays off at the voting booths, and it feels good to feel so bad. Not that any of us approve of voter suppression, but it is fascinating to see it so blatantly laid out. It is a shock but it is also another example of business as usual. Conflicted as Selina is, it is a newly defining moment. From now on, she will do what she wants and take what she wants whenever she wants it. She tells this to Dan Eagan (Reid Scott) as she takes him.

Plot Synopsis: Mike and Susan move back to the lane, and their friends and neighbors decide to host a progressive dinner party to celebrate their return, but things don't go quite as planned. Lynette worries that Tom might leave her, but becomes even more concerned about the feelings that resurface once he's gone, Bree decides to pay a visit to Chuck's wife's boutique, Renee learns that her ex-husband is getting remarried, and Gabrielle decides the time has come to confront her stepfather.

Jax wouldn't have been in possession of that heroin, or even possibly met Tully, had he not been jailed for Tara's murder, and then had SAMCRO knock off the Chinese shipment. That heist, and the fallout from it, also put Jax and the club at odds with August Marks. Though Jax's machinations in the last two episodes seemed to suggest that he had worked things out well enough to keep Marks contained while he retaliated against the Chinese, in this world, plans are never that simple. Dragging Marks' name into the fracas by hiring guys to knock around one of Lin's properties also backfired royally. If it wasn't Marks who sold SAMCRO out to Lin, it was possibly even SAMCRO's own man from Indian Creek, who was also personally affected by Jax's wide-reaching revenge scheme.

Littlefinger was up to his usual 'you can count on me I'm a straight shooter' schtick in Winterfell, sympathising with Bran: "I imagine you've seen things most men wouldn't believe. To go through all of that and make your way home again only to find such chaos in the world, I can hardly imagine - "

Masami reminds us that ACAB. Kozuka reminds us that there is such a thing as too much video games. Nate Reminds us that the art in this show is BONKERS!Check out Nate's work on instagram and tik tok @house_of_midnite

The Flash gets up to speed to Kadabra and says he will do whatever it takes not to crush him. He shows him his family from another course of events. Kadabra says that he began having recollections about this substitute course of events and understood that things were attached to the Flash, yet that since Flash didn't disappear in Crisis, his family did all things being equal. The Flash enlightens him concerning losing Oliver and reveals to Kadabra that he can't return to that timetable since it's gone. The Flash advances to him as a researcher and makes him run the chances. At the point when he concedes he realizes it will not work, Barry discloses to him the best way to recuperate is to confront his injury. Kadabra deactivates the bomb. They settle on some kind of peace agreement and abruptly there is a quake that isn't Kadabra. Some other monstrous danger appears. Kadabra attempts to utilize the counter matter bomb on it yet it has no impact. Kadabra is taken out and nothing The Flash does helps, all things considered. The secretive danger leaves. Abra Kadabra/Phillipe is dead.

Iris is battling all through the scene and when she goes to a Mirrorverse Survivors support gathering to talk with individuals, it's conspicuous she hasn't managed her own injury. Barry is likewise managing the injury, attempting to make things dependent upon her, however Iris discloses to him that the lone way he can manage his injury is to confront it. Toward the finish of the scene, Iris chooses to confront hers and goes to the c


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