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Glacier 3 The Meltdown Game

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Glacier 3 The Meltdown Game

a powerups are all fairly self-explanatory, but its definitely worth mentioning that you have to press the nunchuck or the remote to activate them. while this may seem like a small thing, its a massive difference from any other racing game. most of the other games simply give you a boost, or a speed boost, which you can turn on or off in a menu, but this is activated by pressing the nunchuck, so it actually feels like you're pressing a button, not just tapping it. its not a huge deal, but its still a big improvement.

the controls in the game are fairly simple, but theres a few things that are slightly annoying. there's no way of using nitro boosts, even though theyre very useful, as they can carry you for a long time.

we are happy to announce that the first giveaway for our glacier 3: the meltdown project is now live! we have teamed up with trion world and they are offering our game to anyone who wants to give it a try! if you would like to receive a free steam key for the glacier 3: the meltdown game, just follow the instructions below.

download the glacier 3: the meltdown game on steam from the steam workshop page.this file can be used for any platform (pc, ios, android, linux,..) and allows you to play glacier 3: the meltdown on any device.please note that there is only one version of the glacier 3: the meltdown game and it's compatible with pc, ios and android devices.

i'm not going to lie, while the wii version was pretty bad in intself, the pc version is.. something else. it has received some of the worst backlash a game on steam ever has, and is still up to be bought for 2.39, however, most people received it for free from giveaways, yet even they said it's one of, if not the worst racing game they have ever played. but what went so wrong with team 6 studio's racing and combat game 3d9ccd7d82


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