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Two rival shinobi(aka ninja) clans have remained at peace for 400 years thanks to a governmental mandate. Unbeknownst to anyone two of the ninjas have fallen in love and secretly married. A mandate from the Shogun comes down saying that the five best warriors from each of the two clans must battle to the last man to determine which son will follow the shogun on to the throne, however there is more than meets the eye and the young lovers are caught in the middle of it.I really liked this movie a great deal. This is the sort of movie that pulls you in from its opening and holds you straight to the end. I like that this isn't a straight battle film. There is more going on than just the fights, there is a meditation on love, honor, the nature of life going on. This is a movie about character and its the characters that you care about not the action or the pretty pictures.If there is a flaw in the film it would have to be the fact that each shinobi has some sort of magical power (Eye of destruction,tentacle like arms,poison breath). It makes the movie seem more like a comic book or a video game than reality. Its a minor flaw really since the movie still works despite it (though I wonder how much better this would have been if it had been played completely straight).This is a really good movie that you'll want to see if you like action films with a bit more going on. 1e1e36bf2d


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