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Preproduction Blueprint Pdf




PPT) and single slides (.PS) of the book for free. $1.00 donation to support the costs of this web site. STAGE 0 PREPARATION PLAN (T0) If you are just starting this process, then the first step is to get yourself organized. Here is how I organize my own. 1. Get a nice desk or table to work on. Put everything you need in it, including tools, camera and lights. It should be at least 10” high so you have plenty of room to move around. 2. Have all your documents and notes organized around this workspace. 3. Organize your own blueprints and plans. You will need the full-page view of the shots you are about to shoot, the page view of your best locations and any schematics, dimensions or floor plans you might need. 4. Have two copies of your basic script. Make sure you have the person in the script and the actor’s performance down on paper as well as the script from scene to scene. If you plan to shoot your work on a website, that site needs to be staged too. 5. Write down your notes on the shots, lights, tools and props needed to make the set. 6. Put down what you have decided on the day of shooting. 7. If you need to prep something, put it in your preproduction plans, and keep working on it until the next time you do a major prep session. If you don’t have a day for each prep, then put the time you will spend in prep to the right day. 8. If you need to take photos, take them in between the prep sessions. As soon as you are done, you can post the photos to your blog or put them on your website. 9. Start work on the set as soon as you have your documents. If you are just starting, then I’d suggest you do this after your first day of shooting. PRODUCTION BLUEPRINT WORKSHEET (T1) 1. Set up the shot(s) you are about to shoot. 2. Make sure you have the actors and crew organized around the set. 3. If you have a script and have a good idea of the scenes, keep working on them. If you don’t have a script yet, make your own




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Preproduction Blueprint Pdf

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