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Just to name a few. What is the purpose of these What is the difference between a powerbase and a powerbook Are they meant to work together in tandem Are they nothing more than databases of unannotated games of a specific opening that you could find in any database

Powerbooks are only pure opening books that show moves and win percentages (like the opening explorerer here on High level human and engine games are included. I guess that can be interesting for serious correspondence players or engine matches, but you can simply create similar books on your own. Just download games for free and convert them to the book format.

Powerbases are databases with only human games (2300+ or whatever) played in that opening. Mostly unannotated but a few hundred will be annotated. The same games that are also annotated in the normal Mega Database.

Thanks for the thorough response. Definitely interesting. It does sound like those programs are a bit of a waste. I mean, with the mega database or big database, it is not hard to search for McCutchen games. Search C12-C12. Winawer C15-C19. Etc.

The big difference and only advantage of the Fritz 17 software is that you can play against the computer. In chessbase you can't. Beside that the Fritz 17 software is like a lite version of Chessbase.

I don't have Fritz 17 so I can't tell the exact differences and it's possible that Fritz 17 offers enough for you, but chessbase definitely offers more tools for working with databases, analyzing, prep, repertoires.

In case you decide for chessbase, I'd recommend to wait a bit. If covid didn't change things, new Chessbase 16 should be released Nov 2020 and usually the chessbase online shop offers a 25% discount on the release day.

@thrillerfan , I would prefer to go with powerbases with limited collection of databases of particular openings. In mega databases they also includes the games played by below rated players, and looks like a collection of games. Here you also get some annotated games in powerbases. Powerbook is like an opening tree, with winning and losing percentages of moves which i dont prefer to use.

Every Monday The Week in Chess covers all the latest news and games from international chess. Download the zipped file of games in PGN or ChessBase (cbv is the modern format) format for reading off-line.

Send a 30 donation via Paypal and contact me via email (Email Mark Crowther - I'll send you an address for a cbv file of my personal copy of every issue of the games in one database.

Send a 30 donation via Paypal and contact me via email (Email Mark Crowther - I'll send you an address for a cbv file of my personalcopy of every issue of the games in one database. Over 3 million games. 1e1e36bf2d


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